How Long Does A Concrete Tile Roof Last In Florida?

Florida is known for its beaches, Disney World, sunshine, and beautiful flowers blooming in the humid climate. The first two things you’ll notice when you go live in Florida are how hot it gets on the ground and how quickly you can see structure deterioration from just a few years of use.

This post will explore how long your concrete tile roof will last in Florida before requiring replacement. It will also address weather conditions that require added protection for your roofing material on top of a concrete tile installation.

Florida has an average annual temperature of 82 degrees. This high rate of heat can cause your roof to expand or shrink, which could damage the tiles. The roofing material cannot take the force of expansion or contraction too. If over 18 inches thick, your roofing will have a structural spike and may not be able to handle the additional load. That spike needs to be cut off or patched to prevent it from adding stress on the tiles underneath.

You also need to consider the weather conditions that can damage your roof. The high humidity and extreme temperatures will cause mold to grow on your tiles. These are very hard to remove, even with a commercial house cleaning solution. Because of the high moisture levels, the tile has a longer life expectancy.

High winds will cause cracks that can separate from their base. This type of foundation repair is difficult because it is nearly impossible to repair tile itself using products found in home improvement stores. You need to hire a professional who has specialized tools and skills to repair the crack. Alternatively, you can opt for a new roof altogether. The goal in doing this is not to fix the original roof but rather prolong its life, so another replacement doesn’t have to happen right away.

As stated earlier, you can do a few additional things to your roofing material to prolong its life and keep that high level of protection that your concrete tile roof provides you.

Finally, the typical life expectancy of a concrete tile roof is around 50 years. When it comes to concrete tile roofing, it’s best to ask what others that have had this type of service do think. This will give you an accurate idea of how long a concrete tile roof lasts in Florida, as well as the costs associated with said installation.

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