The Best Way to Get Rid of Cooking Grease

Do not drain grease

Avoiding grease dripping down your drains is one of the best preventative measures. Although it might seem obvious (grease, oils, and water are liquid), grease can cause significant damage to your pipes.

Grease and oil can also cause serious clogs. Grease can also cause sewer problems further down the line, even if it isn’t directly under your sink.

What can you do with cooking oil?

You’ll have oil leftover from cooking chicken or potatoes. There are many ways to dispose of grease.

Is it hot?

Hot grease and oil can reach up to 300 degrees after you have just finished cooking. You can leave the oil in the pan or pot for a while to cool off, and then dispose of it in an appropriate container. Hot oil can be poured into a metal container. Extreme temperatures can cause glass or plastic containers to melt or crack.

Are they reusable?

It is possible to reuse bacon grease and neutral cooking oils. After cooking, place the grease in a container and let it cool at room temperature. While oil won’t harden, bacon grease and other fats can if they are chilled. This is why they shouldn’t be thrown down the drain.

Reusing grease or oil saves money and reduces waste.

The Best Option

You should dispose of any oil or grease that you have collected. To prevent oil from leaking, make sure that the container is tightly sealed. Make sure that the oil has cooled completely before putting the bag in the garbage.

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