How to Safeguard Wooden Furniture from Termites?

Both traditional and modern wooden furniture items are instrumental in elevating the interior décor of a residential property remarkably. One invests a substantial sum of money in owning furniture pieces made of premium-grade wood. It’s imperative for you to take effective measures to prevent notorious pests like termites from damaging your costly wooden furniture.

Termites can easily sustain by feeding on wood, and they take no time to multiply. So, it is essential to get in touch with a trusted local pest control company once you spot termites and other harmful pests and insects in your house. Taking timely action can help you protect your expensive wooden bed, sofa set, dining table, etc., from bugs and termites’ attacks.

Without professional exterminators’ complete assistance, you can’t detect all hiding spots of termites and get rid of their colonies on your own. You must avail scheduled pest control services to keep the risk of an infestation of termites, bugs, and other damage-causing pests at bay.

Also, it is equally essential to keep taking some efficacious steps without failing all by yourself to inhibit the growth of termites in your home and maintain the original condition of your wooden furniture items.

Eliminate Moisture

Pests like bugs and termites prefer a sultry and damp environment and like thriving in a humid atmosphere. So, it is crucial to ensure that the amount of moisture inside your property is significantly less. If you delay removing excessive moisture from your bedroom, dining room, and living room, you will end up inviting termites to feed on your wooden furniture.

Use a humidifier and air conditioner to keep indoors dry and cool. You should also avoid cleaning your wooden chairs and tables with water. Always use a dry cloth to get rid of dust and apply waterproof paint to protect your costly belongings from water and pests.

Use Oil-based Varnishes

At present, on both traditional and online marketplaces, you will find a wide range of oil-based polishes and varnishes that play an effective role in deterring termites from infesting wooden furniture. Apply these termite-resistant products properly on all your furniture and home décor items made of wood occasionally. These polishes create a shiny, strong, and protective coat, which pests can’t easily damage.

Apply Borax Solution

Spray borax solution at frequent intervals on every wooden object you have in your home to keep them protected from all kinds of pests that can cause extensive damage. Boric acid is an effective organic pesticide, which is why most prefer using it to exterminate various pests and insects that can wreak havoc.

Use Aloe Vera Gel

Apply aloe vera gel on your wooden furniture to safeguard each of them from the attack of termites and bugs. Make sure you use the purest quality aloe vera gel that effectively functions as a termite repellent. Pests such as termites can’t cross the hard barrier layer that the gel creates on every wooden item.

Concluding Thoughts

You might experience nightmares if the total population of termites and several other types of damage-causing critters in your home increase beyond control. Immediately contact a reputed pest control company after spotting termites and other pests. Ensure you perform all the aforementioned crucial activities to prevent creepy crawlies from infesting your costly belongings made of wood.